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Diving for Charity!

On the 20th of August, 8 brave souls took part in a sky dive to raise funds for Paige's Musical Butterflies!

After much anticipation, the day finally arrived as our jumpers had previously been scheduled to dive in May, but poor weather conditions delayed this event...

Hear some of what our supporters had to say about this exhilarating opportunity!

"It was an amazing experience, especially with everyone there supporting us!"

"That was brilliant - although don't expect me to to that again any time soon! Truly an exciting experience, thank you to everyone who supported me in this event!"

"Safe to say that today was absolutely exhilarating, felt like I was starring in the next Marvel movie!"

It was a long and nerve-wracking day, but by 7pm all of our volunteers had completed the dive and were ready to relax for the rest of the evening. We thank you all so much for the funds raised - it was heart-warming to see family and friends come together to support their people in this event!

Following this great success, we may or may not be planning the next one already...

Love from Team Paige 🦋

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