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Our Aims
& Story 

Image by Mike Marrah

Our story begins with Paige, who turned to the power of music during her most difficult battle. Despite all her challenges, Paige would always stay positive and put others at the heart of everything she did. Paige's final wish was to set up a charity in her name with the purpose of offering music therapy and lessons to other children and young people battling cancer - and we promise to deliver this wish in her memory. 

Paige's Musical Butterflies.
Our Mission.

To provide access to musical instruments for children and young people with cancer who don’t currently have them.

To enable children and young people with cancer to access musical therapy in the hospital or at home.

To source facilities where children and young people with cancer can record their own music in a professional studio.

To help children and young people with cancer access theatre and concert trips.  

To encourage artists to visit our “music rooms” and help the children and young people on their musical journey.

To cater for all ages of children and young people - no matter how young.

To raise awareness and provide funding for children’s cancer research.

To support the families of children and young people on their cancer journey. 


Paige was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare type of childhood cancer that affects the bones or soft tissue, shortly after her 15th birthday. Following this diagnosis, she underwent months of chemotherapy and radiation, as well as multiple surgeries to help remove her tumours. During this challenging time, Paige delved into music more than ever - and a new drive for song-writing was born. This helped Paige to express her emotions and feelings through music, and she began uploading her original songs to YouTube which captured the attention of both adults and children alike. After a gruelling 11 months, Paige was declared cancer free. Despite the challenges she faced, Paige always remained positive and determined throughout her treatment. Paige said she had a "sunflower soul" as no matter how dark things had gotten she would always turn to face the light in spite of the turmoil that cancer had brought upon her. 

Once she entered remission, Paige's condition slowly began to improve. She went back to school on a part-time basis, she met with friends and her love for song-writing continued to grow. This experience turned bittersweet when Paige began to feel pains again, and unfortunately she relapsed very shortly after in February 2021. Paige spent a further 11 months in and out of hospital, undergoing various treatments and surgeries until she came home to Kirkcaldy and spent a few weeks in hospice surrounded by friends and family, until she passed peacefully at home on the 5th of January.

During this difficult time, Paige accomplished many wonderful things - some of which many adults would never come to accomplish! Paige's song "I'm Going Through Hell" captured the attention of STV, who interviewed her and surprised her with a FaceTime call to Ella Henderson. At this time, Ella invited Paige to visit London and record her song with Ella in a professional setting. In August of 2021, with the help of LNER, Paige travelled down to London and was able to record her song with Ella's support. Paige and Ella remained in contact until Paige sadly passed.


Paige returned home shortly afterwards and connected with Scottish singer and songwriter, Callum Beattie. This meeting was the start of a dynamic and cheerful friendship between Callum and Paige, and with the help of Callum's manager, Dave Rodgers, the pair helped Paige to release her song. In September 2021, Paige performed live with Callum during his show at the Edinburgh Caves where she sang "Stand by Me". Callum and Dave became true friends to Paige and her family, and since her passing they have been honoured to act as patrons of our charity. Paige went on to inspire Callum's next album "Vandals" which he dedicated to her. The band also collectively wrote a song in memory of Paige, called "Can't Kill The Summer" which features in the album.

Paige touched the lives of so many people, with her fun and cheeky attitude and her kind heart. She was the most beautiful person inside and out, and she would always look out for her friends and family - standing up for what was right. Paige's story has inspired so many, and in her honour we opened this charity to support other children and young people fighting the same battle that she did. 

Meet the Team

We have a wonderful network of people who work hard everyday to ensure to success of our charity. Aside from our three leading ladies, Paige's Musical Butterflies is built upon the foundation of volunteers who support our cause and make this work possible! To find out how you can get involved, click here!


Charity Founder - Paige's Mum

Michelle Falconer

Michelle is at the heart of all decisions made by Paige's Musical Butterflies. She hopes to give children and young people the same opportunities Paige had on her cancer journey. 


Events Coordinator

Tracey Smith

Tracey is the events coordinator for Paige's Musical Butterflies. She works hard to ensure that all our events are well organised and family friendly. Not to mention her ideas are always outside the box!


Fundraising Manager - Paige's Aunt

Denise Forrest

Denise manages and arranges all fundraising activities for Paige's Musical Butterflies - both internal and external. If you're interested in fundraising for the charity, send her an email!


Our Patrons

Singer and songwriter, Callum Beattie, and his manager, Dave Rogers, have both contributed massively to Paige's passion for music. Having first met in 2021, Paige and Callum instantly formed a friendship like no other. Paige went on to perform with Callum live on stage at the Edinburgh Caves, and Callum's previous album was inspired by Paige, for which he also wrote a song dedicated to her "Can't Kill the Summer". 

In her passing, Callum and Dave became patrons of Paige's Musical Butterflies. They will help us carry our our aims to support children and young people on their cancer journey.

Teen Ambassador

Meet Ellie.

We are delighted to announce that Ellie Beattie is joining us at Paige's Musical Butterflies as a teen ambassador! Ellie was thrilled to be asked and didn't hesitate when saying yes! Team Paige are fortunate to have such a lovely young lady working alongside us.


Thank you Ellie for joining us in making a difference for children and young people on their cancer journey.


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