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Supplying end of treatment packs

Earlier this year Paige’s Musical B

Earlier this year Paige’s Musical Butterflies were approached by Emily the play specialist for Lochranza ward of the RHCYP Edinburgh.

Emily asked if as a charity we would be interested in providing them with end of treatment packs for the children and young people who are finishing their cancer treatment.

Supplying these packs and contributing in this way is the kind of thing the charity is striving to do more of. Michelle was delighted were asked to supply these packs as we feel it is a great honour to do so.

Each pack consists of a musical bell, a teddy bear wearing a t-shirt that says I rang the bell and a card. Each child or young person finishing their treatment receives one of the packs.

Once we started looking into what we required for the packs we were able to bring it all together quite quickly with the help of FM Embroidery, Lyndsey at Forget me not bears and James at Sign & Co.

We approached FM embroidery for both the teddy bears and the printed t shirts, Frank was happy to help out in any way they could, managing to supply us with both products.

We had the card designed for us by Lyndsey at Forget Me Not Bears and printed by James at sign and co Kirkcaldy.

We were able to purchase the required bells for the packs.

Once everything had be sourced supplied designed and printed, we contacted the hospital to arrange our delivery.

On delivery day Team Paige met up with Angela, Paige’s consultant, Emily the play specialist for the Lochranza ward and the nurses who cared for Paige. While this was an immensely proud day for the charity it was also a very emotional return to the ward where Paige was cared for, as you can imagine the emotions ran high for everyone involved.

The end of treatment bell ringing is a huge milestone in the child or young person’s life, it is a symbol of hope for their future. The bell rung three times signals the end of their treatment. Its time for them to leave hospital and move forward with their life.

Team Paige are both proud and honoured to have been able to supply these packs for everyone moving forward in their life cancer free.



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