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Empowering young people.

Paige’s Musical Butterflies is a non-profit charity that provides musical therapy and lessons to children and young people battling cancer. Our aim is to support them on their cancer journey by enabling them to meet others on the same journey, share their emotions, and gain strength together. Click here to learn more and join us in our mission to support children and young people.


Of our funds are used to support children and young people battling cancer. 


New cases of childhood cancer in the UK every year.


Children in the UK lose their lives to cancer each year.


In every 500 children in the UK will receive a cancer diagnosis.

There is currently a limited amount of funding and research for childhood cancers including sarcoma. We aim to raise awareness and promote further research of this illness.

About our charity

Meet Paige.

Paige Dougall from Kirkcaldy lost her battle with stage four Ewing’s Sarcoma in January 2022, at the age of 17. Paige was an inspiring young singer who secured a place in the UK Top 40 after writing an emotional song during her battle and recording this with pop star Ella Henderson. Her track "I’m Going Through Hell" told of her cancer battle and raised awareness for others with the illness.

One of Paige’s final wishes was to set up a charity in her name with the purpose of offering music therapy and lessons to other children and young people battling cancer. Since her passing, awareness has been raised and donations have poured in. This has allowed our charity, Paige’s Musical Butterflies, to be born in her memory.

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What we do...

Our aim is to raise awareness of childhood cancer and provide music therapy to children and young people on their cancer journey. It is our hope that we can provide support and make a difference to many children and their families on this challenging path. There are many ways you can help us support children and young people with cancer. We run several projects throughout the year, all of which require volunteers and donations to ensure every success of our aims! Click the buttons below to find out more.


We love to share information about our upcoming projects and life-changing work.
Follow along our journey and read about how you can help us!

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